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It is very hard for most Westerners to comprehend how KGB Colonel Putin’s mind works, but we need to be able to do so in order to understand what is going on in this country vis-à-vis Russia’s success in sowing chaos in dissension in this country. We need to know in order to predict what comes next.

Going back to 2016, we know for a fact that the whole world (with a few exceptions) absolutely believed that Hillary would win the Presidential election in a landslide! This belief was shared by Putin and the Russian government.

Their meddling in the election was based on this fact. They did not believe that Donald Trump would win. If they did, they would have exhibited much more insight than our mainstream media, but they did not. Anyone studying Russian disinformation knows, that their goal was to discredit ALL OF American democracy, sow chaos and damage “President-elect” Hillary, so she would be dealing from a position of weakness. Since Moscow could not do this openly, they needed to raise up the challenger Donald Trump, at the expense of Hillary. Easy enough to do! With all the scandals surrounding her, Hillary made their job easy and the media, anxious for click bait, was happy to cover Trump for free. Because in their infinite wisdom, they believed that Trump would be the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat.

With all this going on, Putin was very happy with the idea of Hillary being President. She was his “gal”. She had given him control of Uranium One. (Does anyone think that this deal was done without Obama’s knowledge?) She had let Russian companies share in US technology secrets. Putin indirectly contributed money to the Clinton Foundation.  Hillary was able to park her campaign staff there before the election in order to have them available to her for the election. Her husband had given speeches in Moscow for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has her “missing” e-mails. “Kompromat” from the Steele dossier could in reality be about Bill Clinton. It’s a known fact, that Bill cannot resist trysts with women other than Hillary. Speeches in Moscow – probably, some Kompromat occurred there also. 

Hillary Clinton

Putin had no reason to believe that she would not continue Obama’s policies. However, the election of Trump was a HUGE setback for Putin. Hillary was his “gal”, but Trump ruined that. Hillary starts yelling, “Russia! Russia! Russia!” Putin at first fights back by trying to deal with Trump, hoping he could win him over.  This does not work.  So, he needs to destroy Trump, because he is much more dangerous than Hillary. In step the „useful idiots“, Obama loyalists in the Government, follow: John Brennan, James Clapper, Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff, Rod J. Rosenstein, James Comey, Lisa Page… Putin is absolutely delighted. He has either got some agents in the Deep State directing this, or the „useful fools“ are doing this on their own. By their actions they are doing Putin’s work. „Useful fools” or Russian agents, who knows? No Russian collusion between Trump and Putin is found, but plenty of „useful fools“ or Putin agents go into action. The result is a country being torn apart. Obama is in the White House. He had tons of loyal people to draw from for his Staff. They are either bewitched by his charisma, his hate of the US ideology, or are they foreign agents? Let us not forget Obama’s mentors, teachers, pastors and Louis Farrakhan, not to mention Bill Ayers and other leftists, anarchists or even outright communists.

Obama was caught on mic saying to Dmitri Medvedev, “Let me get reelected first, then I’ll have a better chance of making something happen. On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I will have more flexibility.”

Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

What were all these issues? What other things were agreed upon? Obama and Hillary were of one mind with Putin on the need to work together. Obama supported Hillary, campaigned with her, and endorsed her. I do not believe, that she would have gone against her sponsor. Any major attention to Russian Election meddling in the election was down played until after Trump was elected, then all hell broke loose. Obama did nothing as long as he believed Hillary would win! There was no need to muddy the waters.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. EPA – ELTA foto

Trump is often accused of being a tool of Putin, but let us compare Obama to Trump, by their actions not their words. Does anything Trump do vis-à-vis Russia and Putin suggest that Putin has anything on him? Trump builds up the US military, gives lethal weapons to Ukraine, gets low oil prices thereby improving the US economy, places sanctions on Russia, breaks with Cuba, places sanctions on Venezuela, gets NATO to pony up more money for defense, puts tariffs on China, increase in NATO funding and memberships, and cancels treaties that Russia refuses to comply with. Do any of these things help Putin?

Compare this to Obama who removed missiles and radar from Poland, let Crimea be occupied, let Putin seize other parts of Ukraine, cut the military, gave money to Iran (Russia’s ally) and resumed relations with Cuba (another Russian ally). Obama withdrew US forces from Europe – to include all tank units, cut and ran in Iraq, announced withdrawal from Afghanistan, got US into deeper debt, slow walked the US economy, and spent all kinds of money on his political allies. Banks and business were forced into bankrolling far left organizations instead of facing criminal charges. Obama turned the IRS, the FBI and Intel agencies into tools of political repression and oppression and spied on the Trump campaign using US and British Intel agencies.

Barac Obama

We need to remember who staffed the Deep State. If not Obama, who would have put John Brennan and James Clapper in such high positions? Brennan voted for a Communist for President. Gus Hall ran for US President as a member of the USA Communist Party – financed by Moscow. How did he pass any sort of background check? Clapper proved himself a dubious leader when he perjured himself! Background checks were very loose during Obama’s term; a lot of things went out the window. Loose background checks probably let in some people that were either blindly loyal to Obama, or maybe even some, that were working for Russia. How else would you explain quick deportation and release of Russian spies like Anna Chapman who was deported before even being fully interrogated and debriefed?

What if some of those people are still there and taking their orders from Russia? Is that possible? Maybe not a lot of them, but maybe one or two masterminds. We are faced with too many leaks, too much disloyalty, and too many things coming out that would have destroyed anyone else other than Trump.

Why were people like Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen allowed to work for Trump without the FBI passing info to Trump àla Dianne Feinstein and her Chinese driver? When the FBI found out he was working for China, she was secretly notified and the spy was allowed to retire quietly.

How did Obama get away with the Iran deal, and “Fast and Furious”? Who thinks giving billions of dollars to sponsors of terrorism is a good idea? What about the occupation of Crimea, letting Russians into Syria, releasing Russian spies, Isis and Al Qaeda Terrorists, emptying out GITMO, and trying terrorists in a civilian court in New York, etc.?

I have only one question for President Trump: is any of this possible treason and collusion being investigated? If not, maybe we ought to put Counter Intel on this right away. But maybe they, too, have been compromised by the Deep State? Useful Fools or KGB/GRU agents? 

Anna Chapman

Other interesting things are going on. Over in Russia. Head of GRU dies, at a ripe age of 63. Miami paper resurrects the Epstein pedophile case with connections to Bill Clinton and Prince Charles. Ukrainian ship crisis, Mueller dropping legal “bombs”, while Trump is overseas. Coincidences? I wonder what Epstein re-trial would dig up? Hillary and Bill are no longer needed. Without Hollywood stars they cannot even attract 10% of the crowd Trump draws. Their speaking tour in a theater in Toronto on Tuesday, November 27, drew about 3000 in a space designed for 20,000 after discounting tickets! Putin will probably drop the “bomb” on them, too. Maybe Putin has figured out that they will never be useful again. We are truly living in interesting times.

December 1, 2018