Unwillingness to talk and unwillingness to bargain are really bad tactics, yet the idea of talking only to talk is even worse. Instead of searching for means to make Lithuania a country where Lithuanians could live a comfortable and meaningful life, we often act selfishly and care more about self-promotion […]

Slaptai.lt presents a very interesting article by Parliament member Arvydas Anušauskas (who is also member of the Seimas Committee on National Security and Defense). The article is titled “Twisted Footprints in Daugai: Among Russian Deputies of the State Duma, Oligarchs, Diplomats, Federal Security Agents and Soldiers”. The afore mentioned analysis […]

For Lithuanians, word “Sumgait” sounds different, unusual and even timid. If we ask them what it associates with, we have to agree that have heard the stories about anti Armenian riots in 1988th in this city of Azerbaijan. But why Azerbaijanis in Sumgait offend Armenians? – We don’t have any […]

Lithuanian journalist Gintaras Visockas is no stranger to covering controversial topics. A long-time journalist and author, Visockas covered the Lithuanian Defense Ministry and NATO operations for almost five years for the newspaper Vastieciu Laikrastis. “During this time, I had conducted hundreds of interviews with Lithuanian and foreign generals,” Visockas told […]

Vilnius Regional Court declared that Dailius Dargis, author of a book “Real History of Daktarai Mafia Family“ is found guilty for disclosing personal information and hence violating personal rights of Mr. Henrikas Daktaras. The “sins” of a book writer were estimated to 6 000 LTL, down from the original demand […]