Vilnius Regional Court declared that Dailius Dargis, author of a book “Real History of Daktarai Mafia Family“ is found guilty for disclosing personal information and hence violating personal rights of Mr. Henrikas Daktaras. The “sins” of a book writer were estimated to 6 000 LTL, down from the original demand […]


Today, January 26, in the center of Kaliningrad Picket for a referendum to stop the construction of BNPP. The picket was held near the walls of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma, which took place first in the 2012 session of the deputies. Administration of Kaliningrad has not issued a permit for […]


The Lithuanian language, whatever its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure, more perfect than either Sanskrit or Greek, more copious than Latin, and exquisitely refined than any of these three. Yet, Lithuanian bears to all of them a stronger affinity than could have been produced by nature, not only in […]


I think that my case is unique in the Lithuanian judicial practice. The Lithuanian courts have punished me as a journalist not for what I have written specifically, but for the mode, how “some statistical reader” may understand my statements. I have become the criminal not for what I think, […]


You can not find Vällinge settlement in a large map of Sweden. Hardly it would even be in a memory of tourists looking for a remote place. Though a few houses called Vällinge are settled on a bank of a huge lake and surrounded by forests, cliffs and silence. This […]