“Referendum – our choice”

Today, January 26, in the center of Kaliningrad Picket for a referendum to stop the construction of BNPP. The picket was held near the walls of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma, which took place first in the 2012 session of the deputies.

Administration of Kaliningrad has not issued a permit for the picket, suggesting the site of the park „South“. Activists of the initiative group wanted to share my opinion it is up to the deputies, and not afraid the police took to the picket. Public-spirited Eugene Labudin launched a poster that read „Referendum – our choice”, and stood with him for about an hour.

Next to Eugene Labudinym found members of the initiative group, which fully supported the slogan. Passed by parliament and tried to ignore the place that could be told about the police officers who were on duty about ten people. After the activists gathered to disperse, to Yevgeny Labudinu police officer approached and asked to go to the car, where it will be a protocol on administrative violation. After the protocol was completed picket. Just a demonstration attended by a dozen activists of the initiative group and ten police officers to ensure order in an unsanctioned rally.

The purpose of the picket was to inform members of the requirements of protests took place in Kaliningrad, 10, 17 and 24 December and the upcoming march February 4 – the requirement to hold a referendum to stop the construction of Baltic NPP.



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